Swim Class Chic

Swim Class Chic Every Tuesday night, my husband and I take our daughter to baby swim classes at our local Jewish Community Center. These swim classes were a genius gift from my parents to Cora for Christmas. Cora is an absolute natural in the water and totally the best baby in the class (in my incredibly bias proud parent opinion). We have a lot fun in the pool but not so much in the family locker room. I found out real quick how to appropriately dress for that locker room. Those half changing room/ half shower stall cubical thingies are far from fun or uncomplicated to change in. These shower-changing stalls are tiny, dingy, and wet — Lord only knows the cesspool of germs that are living in there. Hence, the wiggle-shimmy-squeeze dance that I have to do to get into my skinny jeans is totally not going to work in this itsy-bitsy quagmire of a space.  I repugnantly found out the hard way last week. . . Lets just say the heated cars seats also work fabulously as a hiney dryer. Anyway, my only feasible option is to rock the quick and ever so easy leggings. These leggings came from TJ Maxx and are a nice cable knit which keeps my legs warm and toasty in the winter time. The effortless french terry long hoodie came from Target’s clearance. I absolutely adore this hoodie because it is ridiculously comfortable and such a cinch to wear and style many different ways. I also love the gathered pockets on the hoodie for the reasons that they hide my postpartum belly and I can stash lots of necessities in them. My olive green suede and leather boots are made by Clarks. I scored these $120 boots a couple of years ago for $30 when my Bonton store was going out of business. These boots use to be so comfortable until pregnancy made my feet grow. They’re a bit tight now but their versatility makes them so worth the annoyance. When I bought the boots I knew the dark green color would work perfectly with either brown or black predominate outfits. My tote is from Thirty-One and was free to me since I hosted a party for them a couple of years ago. I highly recommend this tote on the grounds that you can seriously jam everything into it. For swim class, I’m able to pack into that bag: three large beach towels, two adult swimsuits, one baby swimsuit, four swim diapers, three regular diapers, one hard case of wipes, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Ultimately, my locker room experience couldn’t make me agree more with the Le Corbusier quote “Space and light and order. Those are the things men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep.”

Oh, and here’s an adorable out take of my cat, Cricket, checking out my outfit.

Cricket Out Take