A Very Vera Valentine

A Very Vera Valentine¬†Most women go for a sexy look on Valentine’s Day and typically I’m one of those women but this year I decided to go for more of a G-rated look — this mom life thing might be catching up to me. My outfit consists of a boxy light pink with white lace sweatshirt-esque top that I recently bought from Boscov’s during their massive clearance sale. I got my red with white hearts scarf a few years ago from Gymboree during their big red balloon sale for only 99 cents. I know, I know, that’s a little kids store but the scarf is super cute and perfect for Valentine’s day. My go to, dark wash skinny jeans came from Target, as well as, the nude flats. Then there is my brand new, just got it today, Vera Bradley Trimmed Blossoms tote. I just won this $88 Vera Bradley beauty from Collage, which is a wonderful local speciality boutique. Collage frequently has those Facebook contests where you like, comment, and share their picture for contest entries. Now, I’m a total sucker for these contest and am constantly participating in them. Out of all the contests I have entered, this one by far, was the best prize. I’m not a huge Vera Bradley fan, however, ol’ Vera has really come up in the world with her prints and bags. No more is the company all about bags with the perpetual paisley print made from your grandmother’s quilting techniques. They now have some super classy and high-end looking leather bags and wallets along with some fabulously on point patterns for their fabric bags. Don’t believe me, check out Vera’s Instagram account and you’ll definitely think differently of the company — Vera’s just not for the geriatric woman anymore.

Back to my prize, this Trimmed Vera Blossoms tote is MASSIVE! I’m absolutely certain that my nine month old daughter could fit in the bag with plenty of room to use it as a play pen. I honestly love everything about this bag: the size, functionality, and print is truly perfect. The bag boasts six large interior pockets and two exterior pockets, one of which zippers. The interior pockets are positively superb for organizing all my baby gear or bottles of wine — depending on the occasion. The bag’s spectacular Blossoms print with the faux leather straps and accents makes the bag ideally versatile for all seasons and occasions. This is seriously my new go to bag. Being a mom of a little one, I need a large bag for all that baby junk and this bag easily takes the place of a diaper bag. I adore bags that can conveniently double as a diaper bag. Let’s face it, there are very few cute diaper bags that don’t scream “Look at me! I’m a dorky diaper bag!”. Not that there’s anything wrong with carrying a diaper bag but when you want to look a bit more fashionable and poop patrol incognito, this type of bag is the way to go.

I can’t thank Collage enough for having such an awesome contest and picking me as their winner. There’s no way that a bag like this would’ve fit into my stay at home mom budget. Collage not only is generous to their customers, with these great contests, but they also give back to our local community. They’re constantly collecting donation items for the domestic violence shelter and are now raising money to build a playground at that shelter. There’s nothing more admirable and respectable than a local business giving back to their community in need. I love shopping at Collage because of their charitable ways but also because they have an incredible selection of the best speciality goods, local products, exquisite jewelry, and super cute clothing for women and children. Additionally, they have an amazing selection of Vera Bradley, as well as, my favorite addiction: Trollbeads (they carry Camilia beads too). Furthermore, the store owner, Whitney, is so incredibly sweet and in-tuned with her customers that she truly makes you feel valued and appreciated. I love a store owner that remembers you even if you’re not a frequent customer. If you live in central Pennsylvania, I can’t recommend this shop enough. If you’re not local you can still shop on their website and help a great store committed to giving back. www.collageofyork.com

And here’s a picture of all the “important necessities” I am able to fit into my new Vera Bradley bag. I just can’t stress enough how fricken’ large this bag is.¬†Stuff I can fit into my Vera Bradley