Dollar Day Deals

Today a local consignment shop was having a dollar day sale. All green tag clothing, shoes, and purses were only a dollar. Heck, that pricing is better than the Salvation Army on their 50% off family day! There was no way that I was passing this sale up and apparently half of York county felt the same exact way. When we arrived the line for check out was wrapped around the store. It was seriously a mad house and I started having flashbacks of Black Fridays past. Nevertheless, I was still able to mange to score some really nice pieces — 10 items in total to be exact.

DollarDayDealsCan you believe I got all this for only $10?!

Here’s the list of my loot, starting in the upper left hand corner:

Item                                                                                           Original Consignment Price

•Express sequined top                                                                       $14
•Holister sport zip up                                                                          $18
•LandsEnd knit oversized sweater                                                      $16
•Heritage cardigan                                                                              $13
•Black Poppy oversized French sweater                                             $15
•American Eagle pullover hoodie                                                         $10
•American Eagle military style jacket                                                    $18
•Quicksilver plaid button down dress                                                   $18
•Sparrow cardigan                                                                               $21
•J.Crew chinos                                                                                    $17

                        Total: $160

Needless to say, I am extremely happy with my $150 savings!