Dollar Day Deals

Today a local consignment shop was having a dollar day sale. All green tag clothing, shoes, and purses were only a dollar. Heck, that pricing is better than the Salvation Army on their 50% off family day! There was no way that I was passing this sale up and apparently half of York county felt the same exact way. When we arrived the line for check out was wrapped around the store. It was seriously a mad house and I started having flashbacks of Black Fridays past. Nevertheless, I was still able to mange to score some really nice pieces — 10 items in total to be exact.

DollarDayDealsCan you believe I got all this for only $10?!

Here’s the list of my loot, starting in the upper left hand corner:

Item                                                                                           Original Consignment Price

•Express sequined top                                                                       $14
•Holister sport zip up                                                                          $18
•LandsEnd knit oversized sweater                                                      $16
•Heritage cardigan                                                                              $13
•Black Poppy oversized French sweater                                             $15
•American Eagle pullover hoodie                                                         $10
•American Eagle military style jacket                                                    $18
•Quicksilver plaid button down dress                                                   $18
•Sparrow cardigan                                                                               $21
•J.Crew chinos                                                                                    $17

                        Total: $160

Needless to say, I am extremely happy with my $150 savings!


A Spring Season Feeling, Sandals Wearing, St. Patrick’s Day Anniversary


Yesterday, on St. Patrick’s Day, marked my husband’s and mine two year wedding anniversary — No, we’re not Irish. St. Patrick’s Day just happened to be the day we went out on our first date. Plus, I’m horrible with remembering dates so I also needed an easy day to remember our anniversary. My husband surprised me this year by taking off work the day before and the day of our anniversary. We spent our anniversary day relaxing, planning our daughter’s first birthday party (excuse me while I tear up a bit), and going out for an absolutely delicious hibachi and sushi lunch. The weather was magnificently gorgeous with the sun shining, a beautiful blue sky with fluffy white clouds, and temperatures in the mid 60’s. The perfect kind of weather for wearing a three quarter length sleeve shirt, jeans, and sandals. Since it was St. Patty’s day I wanted to be celebratory with these clothes but without looking like a leprechaun had too much green beer to drink and threw up all over me. I find that I can prevent this best by using subtle accessories to show my green spirit. I have quite a fondness for the contrasting of pink and green so I automatically knew that I would want to pair a pink shirt against my green accessories. This pink button down is one of those mind-blowing easy care cotton shirts that you don’t have to iron because they don’t wrinkle! In my incredibly bias iron hating opinion, this has got to be one of the most astonishing clothing inventions ever. This crisp easy care shirt is made by Jones New York and came from Ross on clearance for less than $10. My cuffed go to skinny jeans came from Target, as well as, my flower printed sandals. These super cute and satisfyingly comfortable sandals were one of this year’s anniversary gifts from my husband. Another gift from my husband, a few years ago for Christmas, is my Coach purse with green snake skin details. This super affordable Coach outlet purse is awesome because it has three divided sections in it that makes it foolproof for carrying all my baby gear. My scarf, which truly shows my St. Patrick’s day enthusiasm, came from the Dollar Store last year. I was inspired by Jessica Fletcher, on Murder, She Wrote, to tie my scarf to look like a chain necklace. True confession time: I am seriously addicted to MSW (yes, I just abbreviated it like a true addict). I have been binging on all 259 gloriously stupefying episodes that are currently on Netflix. I’m not quite sure what about this show sucks me in, it could be: Angela Lansbury’s subtle and mesmerizing voice (I secretly wish she was my grandmother), the antiquated 1980’s settings, or the crazy plot twists — I can never figure out who done it! Someone hand me an AARP card, compressions socks, and butterscotch candies.

Anyway, to sum it all up, St. Patrick’s Day for me is more than just green beer, leprechauns, and four leaf clovers, it’s about celebrating the day that I got to marry my best friend.

Warm Winter Weather Babywearing Wardrobe

After suffering through 8 degrees days and getting about 9 inches of snow dumped on us, 40 degrees feels like a serious heatwave — I can go without seven layers of clothes! So it’s nice to get outside and air out our lethargic sweatpants wearing butts. Going to our local market is the perfect place to do this because we can also jam delicious food into our mouths — mmmmm, crab balls. Since the market is only on open for a few hours on weekends it always seems to be packed! My preferred method of maneuvering around the heavily crowded area is babywearing. winter weather baby wearingLet’s face it, babywearing essentially is like having an 18 pound backpack strapped to your front that’s fidgety and has grabby little hands. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love babywearing: I’m at all times within perfect kissing reach of my daughter’s face, virtually hands free, and snugly close to my baby. However, sometimes I find it awkward to navigate about in a crowd — although I do find that hard all by myself without a little one attached to me. Overall, babywearing hands down, beats pushing a bulky and cumbersome stroller around a people filled area any day. I love pushing my stroller around the track at the park with my mommy friend but in a crowd of people I seriously get road rage. Babywearing in the winter time can be a bit tricky. It’s hard to wear a carrier or wrap over a bulky coat. If you choose to wear your carrier under your coat then there’s a frigid period of time where you’re standing outside in the bitter cold trying to put your carrier on and then your baby in the carrier. I choose to go with a warm but lightweight jacket that my carrier easily and conveniently fits right over. When it comes to the little one, having them in a puffy winter jacket in the carrier is not only unsafe but also uncomfortable for them and you! It’s best to dress them in warm layers and use some type of cover over the carrier for that extra warmth. Cold weather covers for baby carriers tend to be either super pricey or annoying to use. Being the savvy cheapskate that I am and also not liking the design of the cold weather covers on the market, I decided to create my own cover (as you can see in the picture above). Not only was my cover fun and relatively inexpensive to make, it’s super easy to use since I can put the cover on before putting my daughter in the carrier and it keeps my daughter toasty and snug as a bug in a rug.

Now for my uncomplicated and relaxed babywearing outfit

wwbwwAs I mentioned above, I like to go for a warm lightweight jacket and a fleece jacket is the perfect fit for when it’s wintry. My fleece jacket of choice is made by Calvin Klein Performance. This jacket is awesome because it has an oversized collar that when fully zipped it comes up to my nose. This type of collar keeps my neck super warm just like a scarf which is excellent since I find wearing a scarf while babywearing less than ideal. Speaking of neckwear, my new everyday necklace is a teething/nursing necklace. I made this all natural wood and cotton necklace due to the fact that there’s no way I could justify spending $28 on something that I could simply make myself. My daughter is infatuated with this necklace — actually she goes for any necklace. At least, this necklace is safe for her to chomp on and play with since she’s now in that terrible teething stage. I layered under my jacket and necklace a gray and white striped long sleeved t-shirt from Old Navy. I bought this shirt, along with many others, during an incredible 50% off sale. My jeans came from one of the cheapest consignment shops around, Mommy’s Lil Rascals. These petite straight fit Gap jeans only cost me a couple of dollars.  Anytime I find a pair of jeans in my size that also happen to be a petite too I snatch them up like a crazed shopper on Black Friday. It’s so hard finding jeans that aren’t outrageously long. I sometimes wonder who companies are making their long legged jeans for. Never have I ever met a woman that’s a size 0 with 4 foot long legs. I’m starting to suspect companies of short shaming us lacking in height women. . . I digress. My Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag was a gift. I know what you’re saying, “Heather, in your last post you slammed using a diaper bag, what’s up with you using one now??”.  Well, my astute friends, I normally don’t use the typical diaper bag but this bag is far from typical and perfect for babywearing. What makes this bag exceptional is that you can either wear it as a backpack (foolproof for babywearing) or as a messenger bag with the mere swapping around of straps. Moreover, I have a total soft spot for the black and white print with pop of red on this bag because it goes with everything — like my new Puma sneakers! Those sneakers are an early anniversary gift from my husband and I have been wearing them nonstop since I got them in the mail just a couple of days ago. He scored these $100 sneakers for $40 with free 3-day shipping just by scouring the web for some coupon codes — yeah, I trained him well. Sneakers are an easy go to when babywearing considering that you need something comfortable to wear when lugging around that extra poundage of baby. Even though, I choose to go for a more Sporty Spice look with my babywearing outfit that doesn’t mean that you can’t go for a Posh Spice look. . . maybe minus the stilettos for safety. If you’re interested in purchasing a cold weather cover for your baby carrier or a nursing/teething necklace check out my Etsy store 🙂