Transformers Tuesday

Transformers Tuesday

I must start off by saying that this Transformers shirt is completely out of character for me. I would normally never wear or buy a shirt like this — in fact I don’t even like Transformers. However, I love my husband who happens to be a total Transformers nerd. When I found this $5 shirt on Target’s clearance rack, the great price and nagging from my husband to buy it because “it’s so cool AND Transformers”, I couldn’t pass it up. Sigh, the things you do as a wife. Anyway, with today being the eve of Christmas Eve (aka the day to get all your last minute Christmas stuff done) and cleaning up copious amounts of snot from my sick daughter I decided to go super causal and comfy. I paired this shirt with old jeans (which is why they’re not shown) and my favorite sneakers. I bought these leopard print sneakers from a Coach outlet store for only $24! Not only is $24 an amazing deal for a pair of sneakers but Coach sneakers?! Unheard of and completely unable leave without them. Since there was so much visually going on with the shirt and sneakers I decided against accessories except my ol’ faithful Trollbeads. In my bias eyes, Trollbeads can do no wrong to any outfit.

Sometimes it’s the little things in life (like wearing a Transformers shirt for your husband) that can bring the biggest smiles.


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