Sheepish Sunday

Sheepish Sunday

Every Sunday my grandfather preaches at a nursing home. My husband and I go not only to hear my grandfather’s wonderful service but to also help in bringing the residents from their rooms to where the church service is held. I always try to wear a fun shirt to help in brightening the resident’s day. So today, I chose this sheep sweater with skinny jeans and knee high boots. The sweater and jeans were bargains off the clearance rack at Target. I layered the sweater with a clearance tank from The Gap. To add a bit of sparkle, I wore my Origami Owl rose gold living locket. This locket with charms and chain was completely free for me because I hosted an Origami Owl party. How cool is that?? The handmade Italian leather boots are by Boemos. I was able to get these originally priced $240 boots for $99 on clearance at TJ Maxx! It only took me about two months of searching for quality classic boots before I found those. There are so many boots out there made of cheap manmade materials that it’s hard to find all leather boots, especially ones at a great price too! I must admit, those Boemos boots were the most money I’ve ever spent on a pair of shoes. However, I’m beyond satisfied with them because, essentially, they’re an investment piece. I know the quality and timeless style of these boots will serve me well for many years.

Great pieces can be found anywhere, but for me, the greatest pieces can be found on the clearance rack.


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