Seventy and Seven

seventy and seven

Today I decided to go Christmas shopping with my seventy year old grandmother and my seven month old daughter. With it being a week until Christmas I knew the stores would be packed, checkout lines would be long, my teething daughter would be cranky, and my grandma would be walking rather slow. Knowing all these factors would be coexisting, comfort was at the absolute top of my list. So I opted for the oversize fisherman’s sweater, blue jeans, and comfy flats. The sweater is by Sonoma from Kohl’ s, which I actually purchased last year while pregnant because I knew the sweater would stretch with my growing belly. The jeans are Mossimo and came from Target’s clearance rack for $13! Anytime I can get great jeans for less than $15 makes me one happy mama. The brown suede tassel loafers are Sperry Top-Sider. I was able to get these $90 loafers for only $20 from Ross. I tend to be a sucker for patterned socks and love to show mine off with plain loafers or Toms. These socks also came from Target. Since we’re on a Target kick, I also purchased my scarf from there quite a few years ago. I remember the day after I bought the scarf, I wore it proudly and stylishly to college. That same day, my 60+ year old photography professor decided to wear the same exact scarf. . . Totally not embarrassing at all. My large leather B. Makowsky satchel (that works perfectly as a diaper bag) came from My Girlfriend’s Wardrobe consignment shop. This bag was on the 50% off rack and I quickly grabbed it up and happily paid the $25 for the bag that was originally $200+ brand new. To jazz up the boring white bag and give it a much needed pop of color I added a Coach silk scarf that I didn’t pay more than $15 for from the Coach outlet store.

There is just something so satisfying about being able to get great classic pieces for a great price.


2 thoughts on “Seventy and Seven

  1. I totally agree and refuse to pay full price for anything. I love shopping at thrift and consignment shops and rejoice when I find a deal though I must admit I seldom look as pulled together as your outfit! Love Makowsky bags, having purchased one on clearance and one at my favorite consigment shop.


  2. Thank you for your comment and compliment! Thrift stores and consignment shops are the best! This is my first and only Makowsky bag and I absolutely love it! The quality and style of their bags is superb! Plus, like you mentioned, you can always nab one at a great price on the second hand market 🙂


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