Wrist Check Wednesday

Wrist Check Wednesday

Today, as I was scrolling down through my Instagram feed, I noticed a few photos with #wristcheckwednesday. Who comes up with these things? Anyway, here’s my wrist check Wednesday and pretty much everyday, Michael Kors watch and Trollbeads bracelets. Both brands can tend to be rather pricey unless you’re a savvy shopper or just at the right place at the right time. I was able to get this Michael Kors watch a few years ago from TJ Maxx for less than $100. This was, of course, before he became incredibly popular and in high demand like he is now. Then there are my Trollbeads bracelets. I have an acute addiction to these silly and pricey yet incredibly beautiful glass and silver beads. What I love about Trollbeads is that every bead is handmade so no two beads are exactly alike. I could talk about Trollbeads for hours so I’ll save that for another day and post and get on talking about my savings on these tiny little pieces of wearable art. On occasion, Trollbeads will run promos (especially around the holidays) like “buy a lock and get a free bracelet” or “buy three beads get one free”. When purchasing from a Trollbeads dealer that’s the time to buy OR you can just eBay. EBay is a magnificent place for savvy shoppers. The vast majority of my Trollbeads have come from eBay and has saved me a ton of money. My most recent eBay score was this Trollbeads bangle with two beads and two stoppers. This over priced bracelet retails for $241 but I was able to snag it for only $79.90 from a lady who had only worn it a few times and found it collecting dust in her jewelry box. My other incredible Trollbeads score came on this past Black Friday at my favorite consignment shop, My Girlfriend’s Wardrobe. I was able to get a J Crew sweater and the Trollbeads Valentine bead (the silver and Swarovski crystal bead by the number 40 on my watch) for $1.03 out of pocket. This phenomenon only happened because I won a $25 gift card to the store, the entire store was 30% off, and the $102 bead was marked $20 since the store owner didn’t know the retail price of the bead.

What it really all boils down to is being at the right place at the right time to get that incredible deal or religiously searching and hunting down eBay deals.


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